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I offer both group and individual bespoke online language tutoring lessons in French and Spanish for secondary school pupils ranging from Y7 to Y13. The main part of this service is designed to help prepare students to achieving their best possible results for a GCSE in Languages. The lessons take place after school Monday to Friday between 3.30pm and 8.30pm and also on weekends to allow more flexibility for parents and pupils. Online teaching has proven an excellent, organic way of developing and maintaining productive student-tutor and student-student relations dynamic world.

I have been teaching online for two years where experience shows that four pupils is the ideal amount for online group classes. Group classes of four students are more engaging, lively, and rapidly effective whilst creating a great teaching atmosphere. As well as group classes, individual online lessons are also a fantastic option to focus on specific pupil aims whilst boosting confidence. However, pupils tend to prefer interaction with others from the same age.

I always see the education of our students as a triangle between student, parent, and teacher. A monthly review is scheduled with parents to give thorough feedback and reassess the targets. In addition to reviews, I aim to contact parents on relevant matters so to keep rapport. The full support of parents is an incredible compliment to my services and I wish to thank all parents who have already supported me by getting involved in the learning of their children.

I offer group lessons with no more than four pupils per class. Group lessons have been highly successful in the past few months. There is also an option with individual lessons.

I plan to expand with additional languages in the near future with Italian, German, Russian and Chinese.

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“Do you remember that teacher that positively impacted your learning during your time in secondary school?” …It was a question asked to teachers during an Inset day back a few years ago and it took me no time to think of those magical moments that would transport me into a different world.

I most certainly knew it occurred for me in Languages! A long time ago, there was this young teenager who couldn’t wait for her Friday afternoons’ German class in order to watch “Kommissar Rex”, an Austrian-Italian television series. Without realising it, she quickly developed a fascination for those genuine, authentic expressions that were so meaningful. Intuitively she decided to re-use those expressions in context during her writing exams. It was not long before she achieved outstanding results.

I often use authentic resources and cultural materials which are frequently embedded in my lessons such as poems, paintings, songs, news and documentaries to broaden students’ minds and enrich their knowledge in a fun yet educational way; Cultural awareness is one of the success criteria for GCSE in Languages.

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Axelle…you consistently work to high standards pushing through your challenges and boundaries to achieve your goals since you are clearly an exceptional achiever thanks to a great personality, very vibrant and caring. The customer service provided shows you go the extra mile for your target audience and this is the recipe to success. I love your full commitment and motivation towards your business, vision and goals…
Antonia Kyriacou
VLE Lead, Mentor & Coach
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